The Vs Model Diet

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I work out about half hour a the vs model diet day and monitor my calories

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BREAKFAST: Joke is rice porridge with pork. Kai Jee-O is omelet. Khao Mun Khai is crybaby and rice. LUNCH: Ba-me is egg bean soup with pork barrel and vegetables. the vs model diet Pad Pak is deep-fried vegetables. Pad Bai Kha Praew is savoury sweet basil with chicken (pork, runt, etc.). DINNER: Pad Nhor Mai is Chicken (pork barrel ) with bamboo shoots. Kaeng Khee-o Whan is putting green curry with beef. Tomyam Kung is zesty lemongrass soup with peewee. Som-Tam is Papaya spicy salad. Pla-muk neung milliampere -nao is steamed calamary with lemon and chilly. Pad Mama is fried dome with beef and vegetables.

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